Daymak Drive TechnologyTM

Daymak has developed a proprietary drive technology which acts as the brain of its electric vehicles. This technology can be applied to a range of vehicles including scooters, golf carts, mobilityscooters, e-bikes and e-cars. The Daymak Drive™ controller allows the vehicles to do the following:

  • Go faster
  • Perform better on inclines
  • More efficient use of power
  • Wireless Brakes
  • Wireless Throttle
  • Wireless Pedal Assist
  • Dual motor support
  • Regenerative brakes
  • Compatible with all brushless motors from 250w to 500w

The Daymak Drive™ controller will operate the company’s upcoming product offerings and all existing ebikes. The Daymak Drive™ controller can be used in any of the 100,000,000 ebikes in the market place today.