About Daymak

Founded in 2001, Daymak Inc. is a Canadian based company led by business entrepreneur Ms. Yeg Baiocchi. Daymak is the proud developer of the Daymak Drive™ technology and the first wireless electric bicycle the "Shadow Ebike".


Back in 2001, Yeg was trying to find the perfect gift for her daughter Daniela. She decided on an electric scooter. Unfortunately it seemed very difficult to find one. Finally she ordered one from the US but nobody would ship it to Canada. She then decided that there was a market for these scooters. After a few months of research she imported a container from China and DAYMAK was born (Da-Daniela -Y-Yeg). Unfortunately it was seized at Canada Customs because it did not meet “Transport Canada” standards. After that expensive lesson she learned, Yeg started importing electric bicycles in 2002 and this time, she made sure everything was pre-approved by Transport Canada. The operations started from a 300 sq. foot garage. Due to the large number of kids knocking at the door after hours, operations had to be moved to a store. From our 300 sq. foot beginning, we now have a 30,000 feet location (that’s 100 times bigger) and we have 10 stores with 50 dealers across Canada. Yeg has been nominated in the top 100 women entrepreneurs and Daymak has reached the fastest growing companies in 2008.

“I personally have tried and used al the products we sell.” –Yeg Baiocchi


Daymak Inc. was not satisfied with the current technology or products available in the market. All our products imported from China are made to our specs (not just Transport Canada, Environment Canada and Canada Customs). We try to exceed the standards with better quality products using better components, which brought us to develop our own technology. We call it Daymak Drive™. Daymak Drive™ is the proprietary drive technology which acts as the brain of its electric vehicles. This technology can be applied to a range of vehicles including scooters, golf carts, mobility, e-bikes and e-cars. We have started applying it to Ebikes first. The Daymak Drive™ makes the vehicle go faster, have more torque, better battery efficiency, more resistant to harsh weather (Canada eh!) and has wireless functions. Please visit www.daymakdrive.com for more info. And NOW, after 4 years of development, we are producing the "Shadowebike” using the Daymak Drive™ technology.